Dantian, or “The Elixir Field”

Chen taijiquan

In Chinese medicine, the energy anatomy of the human body is described as a combination of a channel, or meridian ( jingluo in Chinese), network; acupuncture points; and several energy fields – the upper, middle and lower dantians which are also essential to the practice of taijiquan. While the literal translation of the term dantian as “elixir field”, or “luminous field”, reflects the nature of energy centres as fields with a high energy charge, each of the three dantians has its own distinct energy quality.

1412143105-686x1024 Acupuncture points and meridian network

The upper dantian is located in the centre of the skull, between the nape of the neck and the forehead. On the front of the body, it is represented by the median point between the upper middle point of the forehead (DU24) and the nose tip (DU25) – namely, the point between the eyebrows. The area of the…

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