How can an acupuncturist help with knee pain?

Knee pain is a very commonly experienced health issue. It can result from acute injury, like a sports trauma, or from chronic overuse. The tendons, muscles and bone quality can diminish over time leading to inflammation and irritation of the joint. Isolated accidents from a physical . Autoimmune disorders can also provoke knee pain. An acupuncturist often sees patients for knee pain, and will likely apply different techniques for each type of knee pain they see.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, knee pain and weakness can energetically relate to the kidneys. This is especially true when the knee issues have been experienced since childhood. The kidneys are related to one’s Yuan Qi, the inherited essence from a person’s mother and father. This energy source provides the basis for our health, and some of us are born deficient of Yuan Qi. This results in physical and cognitive disorders that can be improved by nutrition and exercise.

The kidneys relate to the water element, and are coupled with the bladder, according to Zangfu theory. Improving your hydration can help cleanse and improve their function. The kidneys release hormones in response to stress, and can become exhausted from overwork. Lower back pain can manifest, as well as symptoms of overheating, exhaustion, and general anxiety.

Acupuncture and moxibustion can help regulate the kidney function and improve their overall quality by improving circulation. Acupuncture helps your body release pain-reducing neuropeptides like enkephalin. Herbs can especially help restore the integrity of the kidneys. Qi gong and deep breathing are excellent tools for nourishing the kidneys. Adding bone broth, goji berries and walnuts to your diet is recommended, too.

If your knees are aching, come see me in Austin, Texas, or give me a call. There are many ways to help you!

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