Acupuncture and Taichi Can Help You Recover from Spinal Fusion Surgery

A significant number of people undergo spinal fusion surgery in order to manage neuropathic pain. Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that uses rods, bolts, and bone grafts to link two vertebrae, thus altering the local structures that are impinging the afflicted nerves. It permanently transforms the spinal structure, for better or worse.

💥Unfortunately, many people continue to experience the original pain and discomfort after the surgery, as well as new symptoms—a condition called post operative neuropathic pain. Paresthesia, a feeling of burning or pins and needles, is a common description of this new symptom. Symptoms can be local or distal to the site of the surgical incision.

☯️The good news is that acupuncture techniques can help break up scar tissue, promote circulation and reduce inflammation related to PONP. Tuina and moxibustion have been especially effective for such conditions in my own practice.

🌱Ideally, herbs and nutrition that address the root cause of the individuals pathos would be administered. Restoration of bone density and nerve integrity takes time, but can be facilitated with diligence and dedication. Taichi and qigong offer excellent non-impact exercises, and should be explored for the best results for pain reduction and mobility improvement.


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